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ACECAD AceDialer iSD - Bluetooth Speed Dial Controller for iPhone

Speed Dial Controller iSD

Press a button on the AceDialer iSD - Bluetooth Speed Dial Controller to make a call to a speed contact, or press any button to end or answer a call without touching your iPhone. Perfect when driving! Keep it in your car to make, answer or end hands-free calls safely.

Works with a wired earphone, Bluetooth hands-free or headset device such as the speaking system in a vehicle, car speakerphone or earphone.

Power-saving only requiring one button cell battery that will last over a year (up to 5,000 calls).

  • Using its free Remote Speed Dial App on your iPhone, you can easily set a speed contact for each button (1 - 9).
  • Press one speed dial button (1 - 9) to call a speed contact.
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  • Press any button to end or answer a call.
  • One iPhone can work with several AceDialer iSD controllers with the same setting.
  • The ultra-thin portable controller weighs only 0.53 oz. (15g). Hole provided for security/wrist strap attachment.


Quickly and safely make, answer or end calls without looking at your iPhone


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Size 70mm (L) x 28mm (W) x 8mm (T)
  2.76" (L) x 1.1" (W) x 0.31" (T)
Weight 15g (0.53 oz.)
Button Number 10 Buttons Only Requires One Button Cell Battery
Technology Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
Power Source One (1) 3V button cell battery (CR2032)
Smartphone Requirements iPhone


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