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ACE CAD Enterprise Co. Ltd. Founded in 1989, ACECAD is the global leading manufacturer for the Digital Notepad with Memory.
With over 25 years of manufacturing experiences and devotion to technology innovation, ACECAD is committed to design, research, develop and market the innovative cutting-edge products including digital notepad with memory, graphic tablet, digitizer and pen input device.

In September 2004, ACECAD passionately unveiled the world's first and unique portable digital notepad with memory –
– a stand-alone device with storage capability that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the use of computer and special paper. Later, ACECAD DigiMemo has consistently earned high appraisal and recognition from worldwide markets. It's a great honor that ACECAD DigiMemo has won the award of Best Choice of COMPUTEX Taipei 2004 in the category of Innovative Technology of 3C Product.

To bring people a much more reliable and convenient mobile life, in 2009, ACECAD announced the innovative DigiMemo Bluetooth Transmitter for Smartphone, allowing DigiMemo users to send e-Mail / MMS written on paper on the go. With the Bluetooth Transmitter, your DigiMemo can send your e-Mail / MMS written on paper or sticky note by Smartphone. Also, you can keep or view your paper sticky notes as small pictures on your Smartphone, and send via e-Mail / MMS later.

Today, ACECAD DigiMemo has been successfully selling into most of the major retailers all over the world.

ACECAD's strategy is to build a solid distribution network throughout the world and maintain long-term relationships with its partners.

ACECAD aims to maximize the great potential of ACECAD DigiMemo product to be the market mainstream and continues developing a series of DigiMemo product to enable its customers to be more competitive and successful in the market.

ACECAD is continuously striving to devote its resources to create more advanced technology and superior products to bring people a simple, natural, familiar and reliable digital life.

Over the years, with the dedication of good quality, excellent performance, high reliability and perfect design of its products, ACECAD has built a fine reputation as a technology innovator, professional developer, leading manufacturer and market leader in the global marketplace.
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